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The story of Covert Ink™ Privacy Shades

Our privacy shades were born out of the need to reclaim the view from our homes while also providing daytime privacy.

If you have a neighbor with a view into your home or, worse, strangers walking by can see in, then you need Covert Ink™ shades by Inkable Arts™. Our unique privacy shades allow you to choose a beautiful image that passersby will see from the outside, while you preserve your daytime view of the outside. Someone could be standing right outside your window or door and all they will see is the image you chose; while at the same time you will have a clear view of them and everything else outside.

They can’t see in, but you can see out.

Covert Ink™ for Residential

Covert Ink™ for Residential

Reclaim your view. Don’t close off a beautiful view just because you need privacy during the day.  You no longer have to choose one or the other. With Covert Ink™  privacy shades you can leave the shades up when you want maximum sunlight and privacy is not an issue, OR simply pull down our NinjaVue™ shades to reduce the heat and glare of the sun, enjoy your view, AND enjoy your privacy.

Covert Ink™ for School

Covert Ink™ for School

The safety of our children at school is not a given anymore. 

419 children (from 0-17 years of age) have died and 986 children have been injured in all types of shootings since the start of the year. Until we can get our representatives to stop this madness, we can at least take some small steps to help our children to be safer while they’re in school.

For the most recent statistics, please refer to the Gun Violence Archive.

Death of children by gun 2021

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Covert Ink™ for Work

Covert Ink™ for Work

Visual hacking is a substantial problem. A 3M study with the Ponemon Institute found that within 15 minutes a person can walk through your company and walk out with an average of five (5) pieces of intellectual property with almost a 90% success rate! While your company is protecting itself from cyber attacks, is it doing anything to protect against visual hacking?  We can help. Install Covert Ink privacy shades between sensitive areas in your building (such as glass-walled offices) and install them on exterior windows where you would like to protect against prying eyes.

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