Covert Ink™

Covert Ink™ brand privacy shades are part of the Inkable Arts™ line of high quality products for the home and office.

When you want to enjoy the view from your window but you have either a neighbor with a view into your home or, worse, a view into your home from strangers walking by, then you need Covert Ink™ shades by Inkable Arts™. Choose a beautiful image that passersby will see from the outside, while you preserve your daytime view of the outside. Someone could be standing right outside your window or door and all they will see is the image you chose; at the same time, you will have a clear view of them and everything else outside.

The story of Inkable Arts™

Our Covert Ink™ privacy screens were born out of the need to reclaim the view from our home and office while also providing exceptional daytime privacy.


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