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Photo shows a commercial installation of Covert Ink one-way vision see-thru privacy shades (from the inside looking out) with a clear view out and an inset photo of the same two internal windows seen from the hallway with custom architectural plan images with a Ruby background. The image is invisible from inside the room and at the same time the boardroom interior is shielded from authorized view.

It’s important to protect your company’s information, and although companies often spend an enormous amount of time and money on cybersecurity, they sometimes forget that some of the most serious information breaches are due to insider threats. 

In the new work environment of glass offices, sensitive information is routinely left exposed. A 3M study found a corporate thief could steal an average of 5 pieces of financial info, intellectual property, or log-in data in 15 minutes or less with nothing but their eyes.

Covert Ink™ makes printable see-thru privacy shades for your office that allow you to see out, while keeping others from seeing in. 

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Photo (above) shows the view from inside the Covert Ink factory (Inkable Arts) with shades extended. The image of the Circle of Orange is essentially invisible from the inside. You may see a slight ghosting of the image depending on the angle of the light through the window.

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