Daytime Privacy | Nighttime Safety

This NinjaVue™ privacy shade was installed in the Eureka Building in Irvine, CA. This coworking office had a single sidelight window. The shade was printed with a background pattern and the occupant’s logo. Our sidelight shades are not retractable. They are designed to attach with a dual lock connector strip and can be removed when necessary. 

The sidelight privacy shade blocks the daytime view from outside the office looking in, so you can ideate without worrying about strangers looking in and walking off with your idea.   It also protects your office materials when you shut off the light at night and leave; unlike most coworking offices, which leave all of your materials at risk when you’re not in your office.



This image shows our NinjaVue™ privacy shade for sidelight windows in action from inside a coworking office at the Eureka Building in Irvine, CA.  As you can see the occupants have a view out of their office while keeping outsiders from seeing in. Since our privacy shades are printed they were also able to brand their shade with their company logo.