Daytime Privacy | Nighttime Safety

Our shades have the unique ability to allow you to look out of your home or office, while people outside are prevented from looking in. Our NinjaVue™ mesh allows for a high level of daytime privacy while still preserving your view to the outside world. Covert Ink Shades are a beautiful blend of form and function delivered in the form of high-quality window coverings. 

If you have a beautiful view, you don’t want to cover it up, but it is uncomfortable to have people looking in as though you’re an attraction at a zoo. Pull down our shades when you want some privacy. Put them up when privacy isn’t an issue. Our shades also decrease the intensity of the sun in your room and they help to keep your location a bit cooler during the warm days of summer.

Although our shades are primarily for daytime privacy, they do have a nighttime benefit as well.  The mesh in our shade system relies, in part, on the balance of light between two spaces. At night, if you have the lights on inside people will be able to see into your location. However, at home, I keep my porch light on which affords me a reasonable amount of privacy. 

At our factory, we found that if we turn off the lights before we leave in the evening. We can see out while outsiders can’t see in. It lets us check the safety of the parking lot before we leave. David had a surprise one night when he saw a man lurking outside our door. Because of our shades, he was able to wait until the area was clear and it was safe to leave.