cordless blinds – minimum width is 30 inches

motorized blinds – minimum width is 24 inches

Is the height : width ratio over 2.5 : 1

We highly recommend a motorized blind, otherwise telescoping is likely to occur.

Important information when ordering Inkable Arts NinjaVue™ blinds.

For a vertical opening (taller than it is wide)

  • the maximum shade width is 62″
  • the maximum height is 8 feet for cordless blinds
  • the maximum height is 9 feet for motorized blinds

For a horizontal opening (wider than it is tall)

  • the maximum shade height is 52″
  • the maximum width is 7 feet for cordless blinds
  • the maximum height is 10 feet for motorized blinds

Additional Information

1.) The motors and springs in our blinds have a limited 5-year warranty.

2.) Motorized blinds should be charged approximately every 6 months.

3.) Currently, our blinds are recommended for indoor use only.

4.) Under regular interior use, there should be no noticeable fading up for approximately 3 years.

5.) For standard orders, blind assemblies are currently only available in white and black.

6.) Special colors are currently available only for large corporate orders of 50 units or more.

IMAGE SIZE:  Images should be approximately 40px per inch ordered. For a blind 36″ x 48, add 5″ to the height (36″ x 53″) and then multiply each dimension by 40. The image in this example should be a minimum of 1440px x 2168px. 

Questions?  Ask away, and we’ll try our best to get back to you with great answers.


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