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March 5, 2020

Startup Spotlights the Historic Orange Circle on Its New

NinjaVue™ Privacy Blinds at Its Factory

Inkable Arts™ Holds Launch on March 7th

Orange. March 5, 2020.  A colorful image of the historic Orange Circle highlights Inkable Arts™ capabilities on the NinjaVue? privacy blinds installed in the front windows of their new Southern California factory in Orange. Inkable Arts’ unique patent-pending privacy blinds, allow homeowners to reclaim their views while protecting their daytime privacy.

“Too often homeowners have to sacrifice their privacy to enjoy their beautiful Southern California views. It becomes a choice between closing your curtains to have some privacy or opening them to enjoy their view and everyone passing by looking into our homes. We help you enjoy your view and your privacy with a decorative mesh blind that allows you to see out, while keeping outsiders from seeing in,” said Cynthia Kirkeby, cofounder of Inkable Arts.  From the outside, passersby see a beautiful photographic scene that obscures the interior, while inside you’re able to see through the special NinjaVue™ material to enjoy the outside world.

Great for businesses too

Not only homeowners benefit from Inkable Arts’ unique privacy blinds. The Eureka Building in Costa Mesa, a popular co-working building, will be installing privacy blinds on their new podcasting studio. A recent 3M sponsored study on visual hacking found that a corporate visitor was able to misappropriate an average of five (5) pieces of intellectual property in fifteen (15) minutes with an almost 90% success rate. The visitors were rarely challenged, and the information taken included login passwords and financial information. Today’s glass-walled offices make companies especially vulnerable to this form of IP hacking, Inkable Arts Covert Ink™ division can help. NinjaVue privacy blinds can be installed in offices to offer protection from onlookers when sensitive work is being done or when offices are unoccupied and sensitive materials may be left exposed.? When desired, the privacy blinds can be retracted out of the way. In today’s uncertain world, NinjaVue’s privacy blinds also offer an added layer of security in the case of active shooters, where protocol requires occupants to shelter in place. The NinjaVue™ privacy blinds allow the occupants to see out, while obscuring any intruder’s view into the room.

Inkable Arts NinjaVue Privacy Blinds Availability

Inkable Arts? NinjaVue privacy blinds are now available for purchase. Homeowners can choose images from Inkable Arts? gallery or from one of the public domain photo sites listed on Inkable Arts? website.? They can also choose to use a photo that they’ve taken themselves. The proprietary blind assembly used by Inkable Arts allows the blind material to be quickly exchanged to allow residents to customize the look of their home for holidays and special events. ?Information, sample images, and links can be found at

Business owners have a variety of ways that they can brand Inkable Arts privacy screens. Business owners and property managers can contact Cynthia Kirkeby ( for additional information. Strategic partnership inquiries with interior designers, property managers, and other companies are always welcome.

David Chen and Cynthia Kirkeby are part of a group of entrepreneurs that are benefiting from mentors and expertise offered by groups such as the Inventors Forum of Orange County, One Million Cups Irvine, the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) and UCI’s Beall Applied Innovation Center. With the invaluable support that these groups offer to young companies and the accessibility to local suppliers, companies like Inkable Arts have an advantage unique to Orange County.

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Image of the Orange Circle on NinjaVue™ privacy blinds at the Inkable Arts Factory, Orange, CA

Residential installation of Inkable Arts NinjaVue™ privacy blind. The tree is printed on four blinds obscuring the view into the home. The inset shows the unobstructed view out of the home.