NinjaVue™ Mesh by Covert Ink™

See-thru Privacy Shades

NinjaVue™ See-Thru Shades by Covert Ink™

Unlike window stickers, Covert Ink™ NinjaVue™ mesh allows you to control your light and your privacy in a way that works for you. Keep the shades down to reduce the glare of the sun and the heat inside, promote your brand, and still maintain a clear view out of your establishment. The custom printed image panels can be switched out in under 5 minutes allowing for special promotions or seasonal images to create interest year-round, and the panels can be stored and reused.

Smoke Screen™ Shades by Covert Ink™

Backlit Display Shades

Smoke Screen™ Back-Lit Display Shades by Covert Ink™

Prefer to have a view into your business during the day? Install our Smoke Screen Back-Lit Display Shades and turn your windows into nighttime billboards. Just leave a light on inside your business, protect outsiders from seeing inside when you’re not there, and promote your brand to people driving by on their way home. In the morning, simply retract the shades to show the world that you’re back at work.

BlackOps™ Blackout Shades by Covert Ink™

Maximum Light Coverage

Black Ops™ Blackout Shades by Covert Ink™

When you need to keep the light out or you need to make sure there is absolute privacy, Covert Ink’s Black Ops™ shades can help. These black-out shades can be used alone or with our NinjaVue™ or Smoke Screen™ materials in a dual roller installation for the ultimate in flexibility.

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