NinjaVue Covers for Classroom Safety

All schools now have protocols in place for what teachers and students are supposed to do in the case of an active shooter or school intruder. School safety procedures include having the students and teachers: run, hide, escape, barricade, defend, and fight.  Sheltering in place is often required. If a teacher decides it is unsafe for the students to try to escape, they lock the door to the classroom, turn off the light, and cover the window in the door to the hallway.  If there is a long window in the door, or the window is alongside the door (a sidelight) this can be more difficult to achieve. The benefit to covering the window is that the intruder cannot see into the classroom. The downside is that the teacher is now blind to what is happening in the hallway. If students or a fellow teacher is trapped in the hallway, the classroom instructor cannot assess whether or not it is safe to open their door and let them in.

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We’ve worked to help solve this problem. Our NinjaVue™ window covers for school doors allow you to cover your window and still see into the lit hallway.  The view of the classroom is obscured while the teacher can still see out and assess the situation.  Our material is light-dependent to some extent. To determine whether Covert Ink’s NinjaVue window covers are right for you, request a sample today.

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