Visual Hacking in Open Work Spaces

This information was collected by a survey done by the Ponemon Institute, and quite frankly, it should give every business pause. With more and more offices using virtual workers or allowing workers to use co-working spaces, there is a serious risk to their company data. This trend of working outside the office, or in open space work areas, there is a conflicting trend in politics, which involves huge penalties for data breaches.

In June of 2018, the state of California passed sweeping legislation on consumer privacy rights. The privacy law includes the right for consumers to have their data deleted when desired and to keep their data from being sold to third parties. If a data breach occurs, companies can be sued up to $750 per person, and if the Attorney General finds the breach was intentional it can soar to a whopping $7500 per.

If you think you’re safe because your business isn’t in California, think again. According to an article in Forbes on June 29, 2018

However, the California act will affect any business that has customers in California that meet one or more of the following tests: gross at least $25 million annually; interact with information to 50,000 or more people, households, or devices; or make half its annual revenue from selling personal information.

Despite these heavy consequences, more than half of the employees who work remotely, don’t take any sort of steps to protect their data while working, and only 50% of those surveyed said they were even aware of steps they could take that would help.

So, as you can see, putting policies and practices in place to protect your data is more important than ever.

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